Bird’s Nest Cactus

Mammillaria decipiens

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A unique, crazy, twisted cactus that is bound to turn heads. Great starter cactus for those who are just starting their collection and also a great addition for the veteran collectors of everything weird and wonderful!

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Description: This cactus gets its name from the crazy, twisted thorns surrounding the dozens of stems protruding from the clustering green-grey cactus. These spines are not that sharp and are quite soft compared to other Mammillaria species.

Flowers: White-greenish flowers give off a delicate scent in Spring.

Size: Stems range from 4 to 7 cm in diameter and the mound cluster can grow up to 10 cm tall.

Growing Season: Spring/Summer

Origin: Central Mexico

Positioning: Part shade – prone to sunburn

Care Instructions: A great starter cactus as it is easy to grow and hardy. Keep in well draining porous mineral soil, and keep dry in winter.

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