Chin Cactus

Gymnocalycium anisitsii

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Common Name: Chin Cactus

Description: The Chin Cactus can be either a slow-clustering or singular ball cactus. Spines grow intermittently down the ridges surrounding the cactus and are usually yellow-brown in colour and can become twisted when grows up to 6 cm long.

Flowers: White or pale pink flowers grow up to 6 cm long

Size: Range up to 15 cm in diameter and 10 cm tall

Growing Season: Summer

Origin: Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia

Positioning: Part shade

Care Instructions: This plant prefers light shading and protection from hot midday sun. Plant in very well draining, mineral compost that allows the roots to breath, as they are prone to rot. Likes to be rested throughout Winter and be kept mostly dry. At the end of Winter increase watering gradually as you do not want to shock the plant.

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