Kenyan Sprurge

Euphorbia saxorum

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Description: Starting from the base, long spiney stems grow upright, they can twist and curve and when get too heavy will droop down. The base is usually dark green in colour, fading to a deep purple towards the ends.

Flowers: Unknown

Size: Up to 30cm tall and when in a hanging basket can hang up to 50cm long.

Growing Season: Summer

Origin: Kenya

Positioning: Part to full sun

Care Instructions: Euphorbia saxorum is a drought tolerant plant that requires very little care. Plant in well draining soil and allow to dry out in between watering.

NOTE: Euphorbia’s are for ornamental purposes only. The milky sap can be toxic and can cause adverse reactions if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes. Do not ingest. Euphorbias do not typically require pruning or maintenance, but take care when handling.

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