Lady Fingers

Mammillaria longimamma

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Common Names: Lady Fingers, Finger Mound, Finger Cactus, Pineapple Cactus

Description: A dense cluster from the base of the plant that grows usually 10 to 30 soft green branches (fingers). Each branch ends with at least 5 to 8 radial spines that are long and yellow-brown in colour.

Flowers: Medium to large flowers, bright yellow in colour

Size: Mounds spread to approximately 15 cm wide and 10 cm tall. Spines stretch up to 3 cm long.

Growing Season: Spring/Summer

Origin: Mexico

Positioning: Part to full sun

Care Instructions: An easy and hardy plant, water in its active growing seasons (Spring and Summer) but keep dry during winter, this will prevent its branches to become soft and rot. Keep in well draining mineral substrate.

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