Lemon Bean Bush

Senecio barbertonicus

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Common Names: Lemon Bean Bush, Barberton Senecio, Succulent Bush Senecio, Barberton Groundsel

Description: The Lemon Bean Bush has fleshy green leaves growing densely on thick stems. The leaves are long and finger-like, start bright green when the plant is young and darkens as the plant matures.

Flowers: Tubular, bright, yellow flowers bloom in Winter up to 8 cm long.

Size: Shrub can reach 1.8 m tall and the leaves up to 10 cm long and 1 cm in diameter.

Growing Season: Winter

Origin: South Africa

Positioning: Part shade

Care Instructions: Plant in very well draining soil and water lightly in Summer. Allow soil to completely dry out in between watering. Can be divided or trimmed and replanted once new roots form.

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