Pickle Plant

Senecio stapeliiformis ssp 'Kilimanjaro'

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This eye-catching pretty plant has a beautiful contrast of colours down the long succulent stems, ranging through silver, light green, dark green, pink and purples.


Synonyms: Kleinia stapeliiformis

Common Names: Pickle Plant, Groundsel, Stapelia Stemmed Senecio, Trailing Jade, Spider Plant, Inch Worm, Candle Stick, Candle Plant, Belisha Beacon Plant

Description: The Pickle Plant grows long pencil-like stems, colour contrasted by light and dark green and sometimes hints of purple. The stems are jointed with soft spines down the sides and grow joined underneath the soil surface.

Flowers: Large flowers can be red or orange in colour.

Size: Stems reach up to 25 cm tall and 2 cm thick.

Growing Season: Spring

Origin: South Africa

Positioning: Part shade

Care Instructions: Plant in very well draining soil and water lightly in Summer. Allow soil to completely dry out in between watering.

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