Powder Puff Pincushion

Mammillaria bocusana

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Common Names: Powder Puff Pincushion, Fishhooks, Powder Puff Cactus

Description: A clustering cactus that grows cylindrical and globe stems covered in hair-like, white, radial spines. Usually has 1 to 7 central spines, reddish-brown in colour that grows up to 1 cm long.

Flowers: Flowers grow in a crown formation on the end of the stems and colours range from creamy-white, creamy-yellow or pale pink.

Size: Stems grow up to 12 cm long and 8 cm in diameter.

Growing Season: Spring/Summer

Origin: Mexico

Positioning: Part to full sun

Care Instructions: This plant needs plenty of sun light and warm temperatures, you can keep this cactus inside during Winter. If kept well during winter it will encourage flowers in Spring.

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