Pachyveria 'Viride'

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A gorgeous hybrid plant named “Viride”, this is a cross between Mexican natives Pachyphytum oviferum and Echeveria viride. Its rosettes are formed from plump, fleshy leaves which are grape-shaped or tubular and vary in colour from shades of green to orange and sometimes purple. Leaves can have a protective, pearlescent, powdery coating known as farina, which makes the plant sensitive to handling, as oil from our skin can damage the farina. A popular houseplant thanks to its eye-catching colours and form, it may also bloom with tiny bell-shaped flowers coloured greeny-white or deep red.

Easy to care for, this plant thrives in full or partial sunlight and requires minimal watering, being more likely to survive underwatering rather than overwatering. Allow soil to dry between waterings and avoid getting water on leaves where it can cause rot. It can handle poor soil—even appreciates it—provided it is well draining.

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